In joining a Journey group you can expect to be challenged in the Word of God. While the main focus of the group is not to be a glorified Bible study, the truth still remains that the focus on Godā€™s Word will challenge and encourage you. Another aspect of joining a Journey group that you can expect is to grow closer and more accountable to fellow believers. This is the dynamic of the group that becomes the glue that holds it together.  

However, a word of caution should be given here.  Joining a Journey group is not something to enter into lightly. The groups are designed to promote growth with the lives of the members of the group. This means that it will take effort and commitment. As with anything, we get out of it what we put into it. Being a member of a Journey group will require time and faithfulness to the attending of meetings and doing the Bible study homework. Before you commit to joining a group please be sure you have counted the cost. The other members of the group will be depending on you and the goal is to grow. This only happens if the time and work are put into the group.